Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bouncing back: Leila Mulla and how to live life after sickness

A second shot at happiness—this is how people who survived life-threatening illnesses should look at their lives. According to optimists like Leila Mulla, survivors should recognize that life after sickness is a huge blessing and should, therefore, be enjoyed as such.

Leila Mulla Photo Credit: baynews9.com

79-year-old Erik Schaeffer is a melanoma cancer survivor. This coming May 5th, he plans to participate in a Swim Across America (SAA) event, the Tampa Bay Open Water Swim, which aspires to raise money for Moffitt Cancer Center, an institution conducting research on metastatic melanoma cure. Schaeffer decided to join the event so that he can help the patients who are suffering from the disheartening illness.

Leila Mulla Photo Credit: cancer.blogs.com

Just like Schaeffer, critical illness survivors should learn to look for more opportunities not only to grow but also to give back to the community. Leila Mulla and other positivity advocates believe that doing so can help them move on from the nightmare they have experienced, making them look towards a brighter future. Optimists also advise survivors to remember that they are never alone. There are always people who are prepared to lend a hand. Just like in standing up after a fall, survivors need only look for the people whose hands are extended, ready to help them get back to their feet. Lastly, they should recognize the fact that life after sickness will never be the same as the one they had before, but they can always strive to make it better.

Leila Mulla Photo Credit: andrespovedaphotography.blogspot.com

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