Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fact: Real men do buy women flowers

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In a world that is patriarchal and fuelled by machismo, the simple idea of giving women flowers seems to be a taboo to most men—or at least the idea of walking on a busy street while holding a conspicuous bouquet of flowers.

Actually, it is not really distasteful or unattractive. It is just that most men do not want attention—or any kind of attention for that matter that would subject their romantic side to public scrutiny. Vulnerability—men fear it.

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Men think, women think

Men think that flowers are a cliché and a mushy idea taken straight out of a Hugh Grant film, and that they are expensive and just eat a considerable windowsill space. On the contrary, to most women, flowers represent thoughts and show that the giver, the men, know how to pay attention. Women understand how difficult it is for men to spend time at a flower shop. To women, the simple act of men knowing secretly the specific type of flower they want is already a special treat, as though the men have given up an immense fraction of time that they should have spent on “manly” stuff like watching a sports show or attending a golf game with their bosses.

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Spare the all the clichés about how men are designed and how the norms classify women as weaker individuals. Real men are secured about their sexuality, are confident of themselves, and do not care about what the public thinks.

Real men care about women’s feelings. Real men don’t mind giving women flowers. Real men love giving women flowers.

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